I'm Isabel, Belgium based fantasy/cute artist. I have much experience in a wide range of areas such as Concept Art, Comic Art, Illustrator and Graphic Design and looking to take on some new work. For reasonable rates and a friendly professional working experience please send me an email.


I’m always looking for the next project or commission to get excited about. I offer reasonable rates and happy to take on any amount of work, whether it be a single piece or long term project.

Tools used

I use both Traditional and Digital techniques in my art and work primarily within Photoshop CS6. for my Graphic Design work I also will use Indesign and Illustrator.


I have worked for many years in the Indie game industry ( ZigZaGame Inc, wulves, and many more) and for Graphic design I have worked for companies such as Colas, Euromercerie, Gentaur, BP&MC, etc.


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